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    DayStar Apparel Building

    DayStar began business in 1998. Scott Hall, founder of DayStar, had been in the manufacturing business since college as a co-op student working with Oxford Industries. His career quickly led him to work with VF as an engineer for Lee Jeans. Mr. Hall advanced through the company and eventually managed one of the largest sewing plants for Lee Jeans in the United States.

    After having much success in the apparel world, Scott created his own company. DayStar began as a uniform company selling polo shirts and aprons direct to the public. By 1999, many uniform companies had found DayStar and requested for them to sell through Distributors. DayStar concurred and in 1999 DayStar started selling primarily through Uniform Distributors.

    During this transition one of the original owners left the company to become a full time mother. Scott contacted his son, Jeremy Hall, who at the time was running a successful company in the Atlanta area and asked him if he wanted to partner in building a great apparel company. Jeremy agreed and within the same year began as the sales, marketing, and distribution arm of the company.

    After years and years of rapid growth, the need for a CFO became apparent. Scott’s wife, Paula Hall, was working for Georgia Pacific in downtown Atlanta as their Senior Manager of Financial Analysis. In 2007, Paula left Georgia Pacific and came to work full time with DayStar Apparel.

    The friendly family environment of the company allowed DayStar to start attracting excellent skilled employees and after many years of building a great foundation, the company was poised for a great period of growth, both internal and external.

    DayStar’s facilities are currently located in Jasper, GA at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. DayStar began in 1998 with two people operating out of 500 square feet to currently employing over 50 people operating out of 30,000 square feet in 3 locations. The company has consistently experienced double digit growth, continuing to show the need for high quality apparel in the United States.