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    Does DayStar sell directly to the public?

    DayStar sells primarily through Uniform Distributors. If you have a large volume program and are not currently using a DayStar product, please contact us to find out if your company qualifies to purchase direct. We can also help you find a Distributor in your area or online if needed.

    How can I find a distributor?

    The best way to locate a distributor is to contact us.

    How do I become a distributor?

    If your company is a Uniform Distributor, Ad Specialty Company, Embroiderer, Screen Printer, Graphics or Printing Company contact us.

    Does DayStar source materials here in the USA?

    YES! Absolutely! DayStar has always maintained the philosophy American First. We strive to find domestic suppliers for all of our needs whether for fabric, trim, buttons, thread, boxes, bags, and any other raw material needed. Recently, DayStar was able to help a plastics injection molding business produce a line of products for our slide adjustment neck, all right here in the USA! There are a few products that we are not able to source here in the USA, but we will continue to look for suppliers for those items as well!

    How can I receive a catalog?

    DayStar provides catalogs to both distributors and end users. Simply make a request here.

    How can I receive a price list?

    If you are a current Distributor, contact us. You may also request a username and password for our website, where you will find many valuable tools including pricing. If you are an end user, we will need to set you up with one of our valuable Distributors to obtain pricing. If you have a large volume program and are not currently using a DayStar product, please contact us to find out if your company qualifies to purchase direct. We can also help you find a Distributor in your area or online if needed.

    Are the chef coats available in colors?

    YES! The chef coats are available in all 20 colors. Custom colors are also available. Colored chef coats are considered custom orders and require a 36 piece minimum and increments of 12 per size. A 10% overage/shortage is possible.

    Where do you ship from?

    DayStar ships from Jasper, GA 30143

    Where are your garments manufactured?

    EVERY garment that you find on our website is manufactured in our Jasper, GA facility. DayStar currently does not import or outsource any of our garments.

    Does DayStar offer screen printing and embroidery?

    Yes, DayStar offers both screen printing and embroidery!

    What is the best method for screen printing your aprons?

    DayStar recommends using Plastisol ink and baking the aprons at 320 for 1 minute.

    Is there any way to embroider on pockets?

    Smaller pockets may require a “panel program” where pockets are sent to the embroidery house separately, and then returned to DayStar for completion of the goods. DayStar also offers in-house embroidery which eliminates shipments back and forth for panel programs. DayStar also carries many styles that are embroidery friendly.

    What are the Pantone numbers for your fabric?

    Light reflects differently on paper than it does on fabric, however, DayStar still provides Pantone numbers for our fabric colors to give customers a general idea of what to expect. Black, Brown 476C, Charcoal 7540C, Cobalt 294C, Emerald 3425C, Hot Pink 214C, Hunter Green 350C, Kelly Green 356C, Khaki 7503C, Light Blue 291C, Lime 382C, Maroon 222C, Navy 282C, Orange 172C, Pink 203C, Purple 275C, Red 200C, Royal 294C, Sage 5767C, Silver 429C, Slate 646C, Teal 316C, Turquoise 311C, White, Yellow 116C.

    If you are out of stock, how long does a back order take?

    DayStar ships the majority of back orders in 3-5 business days. Many back orders are shipped within 24 hours. We treat all back orders as priorities!

    What is the latest time I can place an order and still have it ship the same day?

    Orders placed by 3pm EST usually ship same day.

    What does DayStar mean?

    The name DayStar is found in the Bible in 2 Peter 1:19 and refers to the Son of Righteousness Jesus Christ.

    What is your return policy?

    Any garments that you would like to return should be in brand new condition and returned within 10 days of receipt of the order. Restocking fees do apply and certain stock items may not be eligible for return.

    Do you offer free shipping?

    Only if you are picking up from our warehouse.

    Can you embroider or screen print vinyl aprons?

    Screen printing can produce negative results when printing on vinyl, so DayStar recommends embroidery only for these garments. DayStar’s regular twill line is perfect for screen printing and embroidery!

    What are your care instructions for the twill garments?


    For nylon and vinyl DayStar recommends wiping clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.


    When can I expect my goods to arrive?

    Most orders ship the same business day. Back orders usually require 3-5 business days, and custom orders generally take 7-10 business days. For shipping times, please reference the UPS Time in Transit map below: